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Focus for 2015

Focus will be on Scripture, to develop into Jesus
Matthew 12:6
Luke 20:18
Matthew 11:16,17,20
Matthew 22:44
" if 2 or 3 are gathered in My name,...."- research
Our hearts have become hard and we are no longer moved by the Call of Christ.
Zechariah 7:13 NB??
To what can we liken this generation?
The focus must be Jesus. It is not our way, but God's way. We will be broken and stripped of ourselves daily, but He will build us up, shape us and mould us again.
Matthew 21:13
All these scriptures focus on Jesus. What does it truly mean to gather in His name. Refer to these scriptures again.
Mission 2015:  To do good deeds, to let our light shine so that He may be praised
1. Matthew 5:16
Isaiah 58: 7(61 also)
We will serve. Once a month we make time to do good for families in the community.
Our next meeting will be about thoughts regarding what we discussed tonight as well as ideas surrounding it."